About Us

Our company was established in 2013, since then we has marked a steady increase by increasing the fleet and expanding the range of service we provide to our customers.
The annual growth plan of 10% is exceeded every year

We have built network of reliable partners that we have been working together since the company was founded, but that does not prevent us from continuing to develop and be open to new proposals and challenges.

The company is specialized in logistics, domestic and international transport. We deliver groupage goods, complete loads from and to countries in European Union, Macedonia, Serbia and others.

The services we offer are at affordable prices and deliverd on time. Thanks to this, today the company has stable positions in the field of international road transport.
We strive to create optimal transport schemes for our customers to meet thears specific requirements and needs.

For the freight security and safe travel, our trucks are always with professional drivers with 24/7 GPS control. Each truck has a mobile connection and technical equipment. This ensures fast delivery, safety for the goods transported and constant location information for your cargo.
Each of your orders from the receipt of the order to the delivery of the goods is monitored by our profational employees.

To ensure maximum efficiency in serving our customers, we are available even on weekends and national holidays.


POSTOLOVSKI Ltd. has its own fleet of 110 equipped trucks, 8 of them up to 7.5 tones and 1 up to 12 tones meeting all the requirements for technical equipment.
Our company is constantly renewing its fleet and investing in new machines and equipment aimed at a cleaner planet. Our efforts are aimed at reducing the impact on the environment, proof of this is the 54 new trucks purchased in 2022 and 2023. The future plans of Postolovski Ltd are aimed at completely renewing the whole truck fleet.

Our company guarantees excellent communication and delivery on time.

Postolovski LTD
Blagoevgrad, 2700
Sveta Gora, №8
Bulstat BG202716737