Postolovski EOOD now with own base in Germany!

On the territory of the base we have a room to storage goods, the ability to reload cargo, 24/7-secured parking.
We also offer transportation to and from airports and bus stations around.
Conditions for a break under the law for 45 hours – shower, restroom, washing machine, dryer, room for rest and social gatherings.
Roadside assistance for trucks within a radius of 200 km.
The service is equipped with the necessary machines for repairs, tire changes, trailer repairs, tarpaulin gluing!
We constantly have over 200 tires of different sizes and brands in stock.

It is located 33 km from A1 in a small town with shops and parks for walking!


Robert-Bosch-Ring 6 DE 49584 Furstenau


Ace Postolovski

+359 893 036 539

Parking Privileges:
  •   Shower
  •   WiFi
  •   WC
  • Paid parking
  •   Guard
  • Day-And-Night

  •   Cameras
  •   Fence
  •   Lighting
  •   Shop
  •   Food

Geographical coordinates of TIR Parking Postolovski in Germany: 52.5113520,7.6798130